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Author: Alexei Shevchenko (Football & Hockey Newspaper)
Translated By: Sergei Chveitser
Date: 07/05/2006
Vadim Khomitsky: CSKA does not set any ambitious goals and it’s time for me to start winning (Dallas Stars NHL)

2006 Russian Super League

CSKA defensemen Vadim Khomitsky (Dallas Stars) and Trakhanov are looking on from the bench
The former CSKA Moscow defenseman Vadim Khomitsky who signed a contract with Khimik, didn't rule out the possibility of his departure overseas or at least he can't definitely say where he will spend the next season. The only certain thing is that Vadim left the Red Army squad and did so with regrets.

Vadim, is your move to Dallas still possible?
V. Khomitsky: I will put it this way. I signed a 2 year deal with Khimik, but we agreed that if I receive an interesting offer from the NHL, then they will let me go.

In that case we will mention both topics. If you stay in Russia, you will be playing under Petr Vorobiev who preaches a unique brand of hockey. Are you ready to work with him?
V. Khomitsky: To be honest, I have some concerns over whether I will be able to play well under this system. It won't be easy, especially after so many years with CSKA as I had different responsibilities at the Red Army club. I will have to change my game quiet a bit.

You probably won't be allowed to join offensive rushes too much. Have you spoken with Petr Vorobiev about this?
V. Khomitsky: Not yet, but we will have a conversation in the near future and I must say, I will have a lot of questions for him. Besides, I want to get to know this expert better as I have never crossed paths with him before other than the few times when I said hi to him.

I know the reason why you are being invited to the Mytishy team. You are a product of the Voskresensk hockey system, that same Khimik that you will be playing for now.
V. Khomitsky: (Smiles) This team doesn't have anything in common with the Khimik of the past. The players and management are different now and the only thing that unites us is that it is still Moscow area hockey. I had a lot of offers during this off-season but I chose the Mytishy team because they are setting big goals for themselves.

Sergei Mozyakin says the same thing...
V. Khomitsky: And he is right for doing so and I agree with him. It's time to achieve something and Mytishy has a good team that I think can be successful.

Does it sadden you that CSKA has collapsed? After all, it was such a promising team.
V. Khomitsky: It's very saddening and it was hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I'm leaving this team. It was tough for me, but this is the hockey life. CSKA does not set any ambitious goals and it's time for me to start winning.

You and Bykov worked well together. Do you regret leaving him?
V. Khomitsky: This is the most difficult question. I really wanted to work with Bykov, he communicates with the players well and his support helps them develop their game. If he is named as team Russia's head coach, I will always gladly come to play for the national team.

You will possibly be a Dallas Stars player. Do you believe it's time to move to NHL?
V. Khomitsky: I think so and the Stars' management wants to see me on the team. I first felt that I can play in the NHL when I started getting involved with the national team. After the world championships, I became even more confident that I can play overseas without getting lost in the shuffle.

It's a new life, however. Everyone knows you in Russia while you will have to begin everything from scratch in Russia.
V. Khomitsky: So what? I don't have any fears and besides, I talked to Sergei Zubov and in case I need it, he'll help me out. I'm confident in myself and my NHL career will be no worse than here.

What did Zubov tell you?
V. Khomitsky: He explained the pros and cons of North American hockey to me and said that the game is more straightforward there. On the other hand, the game is much faster and he says that I will feel it right away. He also says that I will enjoy it (laughs). The Dallas representatives said that the game in the NHL is tough and physical.

You are considered to be a physical defenseman here, but the NHL has new rules now and you could be spending a lot of time in the penalty box...
V. Khomitsky: I'm aware that the league went through changes. It's not a big concern for me and I will be able to adapt. In Russia, by the way, the rules will also get more strict beginning with this season. The referees told me that they will be eliminating some infractions completely.

On top of that, I remember that players who often make bodychecks are being followed around by enforcers. Kasparaitis for example got it from Brashear.
V. Khomitsky: (Laughs) What to should I do then? If an enforcer goes after me, I'll try to respond.

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