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Author: Pavel Lysenkov (Soviet Sport Newspaper)
Translated By: Eugene Belashchenko
Date: 08/14/2006
Gennadi Ushakov: I have no idea to where my client (Evgeny Malkin) dissappeared (NHL Pittsburgh Penguins)

2006 Russian Super League

Evgeni Malkin answering questions at the NHL Entry Draft after being selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo is a RussianProspects exclusive)

The Soviet Sport correspondent found out the opinion of Evgeny Malkin's current agent – Genady Ushakov, who stated that he does not have any idea where his client is currently located. Malkin did not inform the agency of his plans, and this type of behavior came as a complete surprise.

I did not know that Malkin would disappear in Finland – answered Gennadi Ushakov – and we were not preparing for this act. Why do it? Why first sign a contract with Metallurg and then a week later to break it? We can't fool serious people.
That is why this situation is so surprising...would it be more profitable for you if Malkin played in the NHL?
No. If Malkin left for Pittsburgh, I would not get a dime. This is because I do not have any percentage interest from the agreement, and am only earning a wage from the agency. Everyone knows this. That is why I was interested that Malkin would continue his career with Metallurg.

Do you have an idea of where Malkin is right now?
G. Ushakov:

Maybe he decided to simply leave Finland for a resort?
G. Ushakov: That would not be bad.

...or he once again switched agents, and this one took him to the NHL.
G. Ushakov: To do this, he would need to sign a rejection letter. It would be in our agency office right away. This has not happened. We conclude that Malkin is still our client.

When was the last time you saw him?
G. Ushakov: Friday evening – Metallurg was flying out to Finland on Saturday morning. After the game against the Soviet Wings, we dined at a Moscow restaurant. We celebrated the restaurant's eighth anniversary. There were even songs played in Evgeny's honor....everything was very nice.

Did Evgeny tell you about his wish to flee.
G. Ushakov: We didn't even discuss this subject. Additionally, if a person wants to flee, he is not going to divulge his plans.

Did Malkin draft a letter stating that he is leaving Metallurg?
G. Ushakov: He drafted that letter back in June when he was leaving for the other agent. The old contract was nullified and Malkin became a free agent. He received a Canadian visa in his passport and everything was prepared for his departure.

But after that Malkin signed a new deal with Metallurg.
G. Ushakov: As I understand it, we will now have to draft another resignation letter.

This has not been done yet?
G. Ushakov: Seemingly no. Velichkin is still in Finland and it is currently the weekend.

Have you been in touch with Metallurg's general manager Velichkin since Malkin's disappearance?
G. Ushakov: Many times. Just this Saturday we spoke five or six times on the phone.

Have you found a common language with him?
G. Ushakov: We have a good relationship. I think that Velichkin understands that I had nothing to do with this.

Are you prepared that Metallurg will sue?
G. Ushakov: Why should I be prepared?

I mean your agency.
G. Ushakov: I think that it will be ready. Each company protects the interests of it's client. Metallurg has the right to sue. But, the NHL, our agency and Pittsburgh, as I understand it, have to stand on Malkin's side.

P.S. Yesterday evening, Canadian sports network TSN published a report that Jay P Barry, Malkin's American agent: 'He wants to play in the NHL with Pittsburgh'. We continue to speak to Malkin regarding his future and we hope to find an optimal resolution'. These words can be considered an indirect confirmation that Malkin was on a plane to North America.

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