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Author: Vladislav Domrachev (Soviet Sport)
Translated By: Eugene Belashchenko
Date: 08/28/2007
Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) (Washington Capitals) blames the first loss on himself

Semen Varlamov accepting the MVP Award at the U18 Four Nations Tournament in Mytische Russia (Photo Source - Lokomotiv 2 Official Website/Yana Romanova)
After the game, the winners did not show very much joy, but the faces of our players said everything: the end of the world is coming. However, deeply disappointed Russian goaltender Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) found strength in himself to honestly answer Soviet Sport correspondentís questions.

Semen, what happened?
S. Varlamov: We shouldnít have let in so many goals. Three of the goals are mine. The first was the one that turned everything upside down. How could I not have stopped it? The shot was from a sharp angle and the puck squeezed in between the legs. I could have taken the penalty shot too Ė it was very close.

Was it a penalty shot worthy infraction? After Igor Zubovís penalty, Turris had time to shoot the puck. In these cases the player is usually given two minutes.
S. Varlamov:I think so too, that there was no need for a penalty shot, but Bulanov made a decision for the Canadians.

Did you have trouble breathing at the new arena?
S. Varlamov:Yes, towards the end of the first period we started having trouble. It was very hot on the ice. I almost squeezed out a bucket of water from my skates. But thatís no excuse. I needed to not let in those unfortunate goals.

But your teammates didnít score anything in the list fifty minutes of the game.
S. Varlamov:I will repeat again: the first goal is what broke them.

After Varlamov I asked Ilya Kablukov (Vancouver Canucks) a question the scorer of the first goal in the history of Ufa Arena.

Your line was playing well, but the coaches let others play during the power plays.
I. Kablukov:I will not discuss the coachís decision. But my goal ended up a bit spontenious. I didnít hit the puck on the first try and then, when I lost some speed, I wanted to dump it in front of the net, where Solodukhin was going. But I lost my chance and had nothing left to do besides shooting it Ė and the shot worked out.

One of the last players to leave the locker room is the teamís captain Yuri Alexandrov (Boston Bruins).

Are the Canadians still having the same intimidating power over our team?
Y. Alexandrov:Not really. We lost not to the Canadians, but to ourselves. We could not help our goalie in a tough moment. We twice played 5 on 3 and could not score. But we didnít have less scoring chances than the opponent.

Maybe the soft ice prevented our team from playing at high speed and helped out the slower Canadians?
Y. Alexandrov:The ice was falling apart, but it wasnít only for us, but for the Canadians too.

Did they become stronger when compared to the squad that won the gold at the last World Championships?
Y. Alexandrov:Thatís the thing, they havenít. I did not notice anything super special. We can beat them. Tomorrow we will analyze the game and practice. I think that on Wednesday things will be different.

- Vladislav Domrachev (Soviet Sport) Translated by: Eugene Belashchenko

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