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Author: Alessandro Seren Rosso ( )Date: 12/03/2007
Team Russia vs. WHL Selects Game 5 Detailed Scouting Report and Analysis

2008 U20 ADT Canada Russia Challenge

ADT Canada – Russia Challenge Game 5, recap and scouting notes.

After the two defeats against OHL stars, Russians challenge WHL selection in the fifth game of the series.

The game starts easy for the Russians as they got a three goals lead in the first twenty minutes of play, with the goals by Sayustov, Polukhin and Golubtsov. Team WHL looked for the whole game inferior to both QMJHL and OHL selections, never being a real threat for Nemchinov’s guys. Also the goaltending provided by Sexsmith wasn’t at the level of, for example, Bernier.

After some studying time, Sayustov opens the dances with a spectacular goal, scored with an accurate wrist shot from the left circle after nicely dribbling past two defenders. After the 1-0 mark Canada gets twice on a powerplay, with Milekhin first and Doronin later off to the penalty box, but Galimov and the defense clear all the troubles.

At the sixteenth Russians double the advantage: Vadim Golubtsov outskates Nick Ross and shoots, Sexsmith can’t catch it and the puck goes in. Two minutes later Russia makes three with a nice wrist shot by Polukhin from the right circle.  Russia has played a good first period, defending well and spoiling all the chances they got. Once again, great display by Sayustov.

The second period starts with a penalty against Doronin after three minutes, but Canada can’t manage to get the puck in the net despite some good chances from Tyrell and Fadden. WHL Selects push the gas but Galimov protects well the net. Midway through the game Russia has the first powerplay opportunity because of a tripping by Holzapfel, but Canadiens display the usual good penalty killing thus shutting out Russians. A couple of minutes later it’s Canada who can have the man advantage. Bruins’ Zach Hamill, team mate of Karamnov in Everett, has a chance from the left circle, but Galimov is well positioned and gloves it nicely. Canada cuts down the disadvantage at the fifteenth minute, when Schenn outskates Kalimulin and scores over Stanislav Galimov’s desperation dive.  It’s a good moment for Canada that gets really near to the second mark with a shot by Machacek pad-saved by Galimov.  Negrin picks up the rebound and shoots, Galimov can’t get it and Karamnov miraculously manages to save on the goal line clearing the puck out of the zone. The loose puck is got by Milekhin who on a breakaway wastes the chance by shooting right against Sexsmith’s pads. Korolev gets the rebound but the goalie gloves it denying again the goal to the opponents.

In the last few minutes of the second period Russia gets a powerplay rush because of an ugly hit by Tyrell on Ufa’s Gordeev, but it’s the WHL selection to get the score chances as Montreal’s draftee Ryan White gets nicely past Seleznev, but luckily his shot is too high and misses the net. The second twenty minutes spell finishes then with Russia still up by two goals.

The third period runs smoothly for the most part since the game is closed because of the technical difference between the two teams. After three minutes, on a powerplay, Gordeev works a puck along the boards, sending the puck back to Golubtsov and Russia scores again with a beautiful wrist shot by him, second goal of the night and fourth in the series. Amur’s player put perfectly the puck on the net with a great shot that went in glove side, top shelf, “where mama hides the cookies”.
Even if the game is virtually closed, Canadiens honours the game committing a lot, but two minutes after the 4-1 with one heck of a diagonal pass Seleznev finds Korolev on the right side of the blue line. The Neftyanik player moves towards the net and puts it in with a glove side backhander after a couple of stick fakes. Nothing much happens later on, a part a Russia powerplay caused by a holding by Ross on Klyukin, but the opportunity is not capitalized by Nemchinov’s guys.
Frustration leads Andrew Bailey to charge Galimov. Kolesnikov intervenes to defend his goalkeeper and puts on a fight by Bailey, who manages to put the jersey over Kolesnikov’s head very quickly. At the twelfth minute Hickey has a great chance when he is found by a team mate completely open in front of the goalkeeper, but his shoot is clamorous wide.
Right on the horn Karamnov takes the last shot, and the Canadiens use it as pretext to start a brawl, being not able to get by Russia simply playing. The thing went out less ugly than expected with only one serious fight between Holloway and Fakhrutdinov, clearly won by the Canadien.
Russia gets then a deserved victory, mirror of the technical superiority of the team over a honestly poor WHL selection, that however had some good players on the roster like Hickey or Shenn.

Stanislav Galimov, goalkeeper, Ak Bars Kazan
Not much to say about him as the game was an easy one…in any case he stopped 28 shots, looking way better than his opponent Sexsmith…has displayed his usual quick glove hand…

Yakov Seleznev, defender, Ak Bars Kazan
One has to use strong words with him because he was again atrocious in defense…bad positioning, light checking and complete lack of aggressiveness…hopefully he only is under rating this tournament thinking to have the right to a jersey on the WJC team…good on offense, has made the most beautiful pass of the game making the assist to Korolev…

Evgeni Kurbatov, defender, Avangard Omsk
Played a good game today…he delivered a big hit in the end of the second period to Atlanta Thrashers’ prospect Riley Holzapfel…has made some steps ahead in the passing area since the start of the season, getting even some powerplay quarterback experience…

Artem Gordeev, winger, Salavat Yulajev Ufa
Finally he played a good game…has worked a good puck along the boards for Golubtsov’s second goal…displayed his whole package and played a very good game…

Dmitri Sayustov, center, Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
Once again he displayed all his tools impressing throughout the whole game, especially in the first period when the game was still open…has an excellent vision…

Anton Korolev, right wing, Neftyanik Leninogorsk
The winger is improving with the time…has even scored today, showing his good skating…has some flair, can become an interesting player if he keeps progressing…as already said, he needs experience…

Vitaly Karamnov, center, Everett Silvertips
Playing in North America he improved his physical presence…good in passing as usual…has showed nothing special in this game…

Nikita Klyukin, center, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl
He isn’t a player that impresses the crowd with crafty stickhandling but is a hard working two way forward. Has to improve his overall technique but his commitment is very good and is an utility player…


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