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Author: Alessandro Seren Rosso ( )Date: 12/06/2007
Team Russia vs. WHL Selects Game 6 Detailed Scouting Report and Analysis

2008 U20 ADT Canada Russia Challenge

ADT Canada – Russia Challenge Game 6, recap and scout notes.

After the big victory in the fifth game, Russians challenge WHL selection in the sixth and last game of the series.

As usual Nemchinov swapped goalies and put Gayduchenko in, leaving Galimov on the bench. The unique other roster change is the absence of Grishin, lightly injured in the end of game 5, and Saladukhin. Both players weren’t replaced.

Right after the first faceoff Russia gets on a powerplay because of a hit by Ryan White, but not much later Milekhin with an interference breaks up the man advantage. Later on Russia displays a good penalty killing denying to Canada all chances. WHL with a good start, at high pace. At the ninth minute Teubert hits Korolev after the whistle and gets a well deserved penalty. Russia builds a good action after a nice series of passes, finalized by a slap shot by Milekhin that goes in between Irving’s pads. Some seconds after the goal Sayustov misses a great chance and an easy goal after a nice feed by Golubtsov. Russia plays well with the numerical superiority and Nemchinov’s guys gets another one powerplay when Teubert fouls again, slashing this time. Russia attempts building something but Sayustov, a little bit tired, hooks McCrae in the offensive third and gets in the sin bin. With four men on the ice the game opens up and Nick Ross at top speed shoots from central position after a nice pass by Sutter, and calls Gayducenko to a great glove save. Really nice movement by the Florida prospect. Russia displays again a good penalty killing but a few moments later Zhukov gets in the penalty box for hooking and Canada finds the tie with a deflection goal by Bosch after Wright’s slap shot.
Another ugly hit by Teubert puts Russians on a powerplay, but forty seconds later Doronin with a weak pass serves White and he has to use the tough method to deny him the opportunity to get in front of Gayduchenko, thus gaining a penalty. The first period ends here, with the team in a rightful tie situation.

A good rush by Golubtsov inaugurates the second twenty minutes of play. Some playing time later Canada has a good chance when White from the right side serves Wright who, disturbed by Kurbavot, misses the winning deflection. In the other front Seleznev with a good pass feeds Karamnov but Irving, what a difference between him and Sexsmith, stops smoothly. After it Canada has a good moment: Ellerby sends a good puck to Eberle and Gayduchenko is very good in keeping position, obliging the forward to shoot right on his pads. The Russian goalkeeper has to work again later as he has to reject shots by White and again Ellerby, this one from the blue line. Russians can pull the breath with a counter attack by Sayustov, feeded by Golubtsov, saved by Irving. But this part of the game is all Canada: Milekhin loses the puck to Eberle, White one-times it, Gayduchenko gloves and saves. Good game. Ennis steals it to Lukyanchinkov, Gayduchenko is ready and saves again.
Golubtsov is surely the best on ice for Russia today and is dangerous again midway thru the game when he makes Irving commit a lot to stop his shot after a good pass by Gordeev. Not much later is again Russians’ top line to be dangerous, this time with Sayustov, but Irving stretches the right pad and rescues his team. Now the game momentum is all for Russian side and Karamnov tries to score for his team but a kick save by Irving denies him the chance. Canadiens try to reverse the momentum by some hard hitting but the game slows down till the end of the second period. The third period will be once again the most important as both team enters into it with only one goal scored.

Right after the first faceoff Canada goes ahead: eighteen seconds in and after a mistake by Doronin and Gordeev Pyett gets a shot. Gayduchenko rejects it but he’s positioned a bit too much ahead of the crease. Holloway picks the rebound up and with a great backhand pass gives a perfect puck to White, who only has to touch it towards the empty net.
Russia tries to react and gets in the offensive zone with Milekhin, whose shot is just wide, then they got a powerplay because of a foul by Pyett. Kurbatov feeds Golubtsov, nothing to do, Irving saves. Kolesnikov to Milekhin, but again Irving denies the chance. The teams back at even strength and Russia is desperately seeking the tie, but Nemchinov’s guys allow the third goal as White feeds Holloway left alone in front of Gayduchenko. After the mark WHL selection has another great chance when Ennis puts Eberle again all alone in front of the goalkeeper, but the forward doesn’t control well the puck and Gayduchenko can kick save it away.
First Russian line tries again the reaction: with a nice, soft backhand touch Sayustov finds Golubtsov, who dangles and gets in front of Irving. When he’s about to shot Eberle puts him down to penalty. After it Holloway goes to the sin bin too and Russia can count on a double man advantage but can’t spoil it thus virtually closing the game.
It isn’t done yet though, as at the fifteenth minute Eberle, good game for him, with a good forecheking gets the puck, and after an exchange with Ennis scores with a not irresistible shot, closing the curtain to the 2007 ADT Canada – Russia challenge, that saw our national team win two games, losing one at penalty shots and losing three matches.


Yakov Seleznev, defender, Ak Bars Kazan
Finally he played a good game. He was quite steady back in his zone playing probably more concentrated than in other games…good offensive display as usual as he also got an assist for Milekhin’s goal…should shot the puck more…

Evgeni Kurbatov, defender, Avangard Omsk
Played an excellent game today…in my opinion he was the best player on ice for Team Russia…very good in both offense and defense, has impressed with his rushes with the head up and his good pass selection…

Dmitri Sayustov, center, Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
Looked tired after the six games stretch…has played quite well today too, thus being a bit under the performance of the other games…as usual has distributed the puck very very well…

Mikhail Milekhin, winger, Neftyanik Leninogorsk
Awarded as best player of the game, in my opinion he has played up and down despite the goal scored and the other chances he got…Kurbatov played better than him overally…he has to find some consistence but has some potential…

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