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Author: Maxim Nesterov (
Translated By: Eugene Belashchenko
Date: 08/11/2008
Stanislav Chistov (Boston Bruins): It would have been more right if King told me to my face

Back seven years ago Stanislav Chistov (Boston Bruins) was the main hope of the young Russian national team, scoring and assisting on the same level with Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers), who today is one of the leading NHL players. Chistov, however, after his release from Ufa last season fell out of sight for half a year. Sportland correspondent spoke to Chistov and found out what he has done during this time.

Stanislav, accompanying you out of Ufa, HC Salavat managers talked about your problems with the regiment. Maybe you could talk a bit about what really happened?
Let them say what they want. I see no reason to dwell on this story. What did I do during this time? I was at home in Chelyabinsk, practicing, working in the gym. No real problems. The only thing, I was taken away from the game.

Did you go to Boston?
I did, but right now it is wrong to talk about my return to the NHL. The next two years I will spend in Russia. In Omsk, my contract is for two years.

In 2001 you had problems with Anatoly Bardin, who at the moment in Avangard’s presidents, and together with Alexander Svitov (Columbus Blue Jackets) were left outside the game for half a year. How is your relationship now with Bardin?
Only the most positive. If we do remember that story it is with laughter. Nor I, nor Svitov hold any grudge against Bardin.

Sergei Gersonsky took over the head coaching job for Omsk. He was your coach back during the golden days of Avangard 83. Did this influence your decision to return?
Sergei Gersonsky is a very strong expert, we have known each other for a very long time. And after his coaching I played back in my junior days while with Avangard. Then we were together in Ufa, last season, now we are again together. It’s interesting to work with him. That’s what I’ll say to answer that question.

During the first games of the Bashkir Tournament it was noticeable that you are far away from being in your best shape. Do you agree?
What can I say? I don’t believe that I looked bad in these games. Especially, since I am skating with Pestunov and Gladskikh, who I know well from my Magnitogorsk days. But it’s true, I don’t yet have the freshness. In any case, it is all explainable. We are right now in the heat of the preseason.

In regards to Magnitogorsk – in his infamous book regarding Magnitogorsk hockey, former Metallurg head coach Dave King wrote about your problems outside the ice. Can you comment regarding Canadian expects words?
I will not make any comments. I haven’t even read King’s book. Regarding his writing talent - it would probably have been more correct for him to tell me these things to my face. When we were together with the team he did not have any complaints.

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