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Author: Dinara Kafiskina (Sport Day After Day)
Translated By: Eugene Belashchenko
Date: 09/09/2008
Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals) (Washington Capitals): It's all because of my brother

2009 Continental Hockey League (KHL)

An article hit the press that Spartak forward Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals) will spend the next season with the Washington Capitals. However, the player himself was not aware of this. 

I also read about this on the internet.   But I don't know anything about this.  I did not receive any offers.   It's unclear to me where this information surfaced from.  

You were drafted in 2005 (2004 actually – translator). Did Washington invite you since then?
M. Yunkov:
No. When I get a concrete offer, I will think about it.  Right now I am not planning on going to America.

Why not? You do not dream of trying yourself in the world's best league?
M. Yunkov: I, of course, am not against the NHL.  You can say that I dream of making it there. But at this point I have not thought much about whether I am ready for the NHL.   At this point I plan to spend another couple of seasons with Spartak.

What do you like so much about Spartak?
M. Yunkov: Well I never had a chance to play together with my brother before.   Now I have a chance to do that.  We also skate together on the same line.  So, really it's because of my brother.

So you do not regret the widely publicized situation with Ak Bars when two clubs could not divide Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals) amongst themselves?
M. Yunkov: I don't ever regret anything.  Everything that happens – happens for the best.

How do you like working with Milosh Rjiga?
M. Yunkov: Great. He is a demanding coach and I like his approach.  As a person he is good and it's easy to communicate with him.

Do you see yourself as a leader among the red and white?
M. Yunkov: No, we don't have any defined leaders. We play as a team.

Recently Spartak took part in the Bashkir President' Cup.   What kind of recollections do you have from this tournament?
M. Yunkov: Overall I feel good about it.  We earned third place and if we are talking about my performance, I believe that I haven't reached my peak form yet.  I need another couple of weeks for that.

I can't not miss this question – what do you think of the KHL?
M. Yunkov: I don't know all the details, but judging by the fact that this league is new, I think some problems will surface. But with time they will all be resolved.

Written By: Dinara Kafiskina - Sport Day After Day (Translated by Eugene Belashchenko)

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