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Author: Alessandro Seren RossoDate: 12/30/2008
WJC 2009: Russia beats Finland in tournament's second match

2009 U20 World Junior Championships

WJC 2009: Russia beats Finland in tournament's second match

After skating past Latvia in WJC opener, Nemchinov's team did it again against a more quoted team, Finland. But despite the final result, an encouraging 5-2, Russia's performance hasn't been that good as they really got the maximal result with the minimal effort, similarly to what's happened in the game against the Baltics.

Man of the match honor has been awarded to team captain Nikita Filatov (Columbus Blue Jackets), who scored two goals, but the true starrings of the game have been the three components of the first line, Evgeni Dadonov (Florida Panthers), Dmitry Klopov and Nikita Klyukin. Torpedo's Dmitry Klopov scored a goal adding two assists, Evgeni Dadonov (Florida Panthers) tallied once and gave two assists, Nikita Klyukin added three helpers as the line finished with an impressive total of nine points.

But the game hasn't been too easy for the Russians, especially on the start as it only took five minutes to Jani Lajunen to put the puck after Daniil Alistratov after a feed by Jesse Jyrkkio. The Finn lead didn't last for more than three minutes as at the eighth minute Nikita Filatov (Columbus Blue Jackets) smelled a chance and made it a tied game. Thirty seconds later the first line started the show as Dadonov beaten Harri Säteri to score the go-ahead goal. After other three minutes they doubled the lead with a nifty goal by Dmitry Klopov.

The Finns hit the ice aggressively in the second period as they cut down the lead to a single goal with a quick tallie by Joonas Nattinen on a powerplay, but Nemchinov's team quickly restored the two-goal lead with Filatov's second goal, arrived midway through the game. Russia scored the security goal later on the third period again with Dmitry Klopov.

Goalkeeper Daniil Alistratov once again hasn't been much tested as he only faced fourteen shots to get the win. In the first two games thus he allowed three goals in thirty shots.

Team Russia's next match will be on December 30th against Slovakia

Russia – Finland 5-2 (3-1; 1-1; 1-0)

05:10 0:1 Jani Lajunen (Jesse Jyrkkio)
07:56 1:1 Nikita Filatov (Columbus Blue Jackets) (Aleksei Potapov)
08:34 2:1 Evgeni Dadonov (Florida Panthers) (Dmitry Klopov, Nikita Klyukin)
11:29 3:1 Dmitry Klopov (Evgeni Dadonov, Nikita Klyukin)
23:55 3:2 Joonas Nättinen (Jyri Niemi) PP
29:56 4:2 Nikita Filatov (Columbus Blue Jackets) (Dmitry Kulikov)
58:14 5:2 Dmitry Klopov (Evgeni Dadonov, Nikita Klyukin) PP

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