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Author: Kirill Petrov (
Translated By: Alessandro Seren Rosso
Date: 05/14/2009
Dmitri Orlov: next season I want to play for Metallurg Novokuznets and for the junior national team

2009 Continental Hockey League (KHL)

A portrait of Dmitri Orlov (Photo Source:

Key junior national team defenseman Dmitri Orlov met correspondant Kirilll Petrov the day after their return from the World Championships in Fargo. He talked about Plyuschev's team participation in the WJC, the most important tournament in the 17-years old's season.

Are you tired after playing in the WJC? - this was the first question for the Metallurg Novokuznetsk and national team defenseman.

Yes, I played enough. As you know, some day prior the take off from Moscow we played the finals of the Russian Championship for 1992 borns in Magnitogorsk, where we won the gold medal. Thus I played a lot this spring.

Last season with 1990 team you conquered the silver in Kazan, now you finished second seed in America. Do your impressions on these tournaments differ?

I played a lot less last year in Alexander Biryukov's team. Back there, I hit the ice in the third or fourth line, while now I skate in the first one. Of course, also the responsibilities are different now.

What did Plyuschev ask to you in this tournament?

He asked to take more the initiative during the powerplay. He said that having such a good shot I should shoot as often as possible and feed the partners of the first trio.

After the final match, Plyuschev scolded the team?

He didnít scold. We got back to the locker room, our trainer congratulated with us for the silver medal and wished best of luck for the future.

In any match you had not less than four shots on goal. Probably you broke your whole line of sticks...

All of them, practically. But I gifted one of them to the fans.

Who was the true leader of the team?

Surely the team's captain Sergei Chvanov from Severstal Cherepovets. I'll tell you this story: after the 4-7 defeat against the Finns in the tournament's first match, we went to the hotel's hall and organized a meeting without the coaches. We talked frankly, saying our complains to each other. And it worked out. We haven't lost anymore in the round robin, and we played well also in the quarterfinals and in the semis. We were a true team this year. All the guys stood up for each other.

After the first match there was the rumor that Plyuschev was disappointed with a whole row of players.

Yeah, the coach had complaints towards any single player. And he was right. We had a bad game.

Russia lost their first and last match in Fargo. What was the reason of the failure in the match against the hosts?

Simply we weren't good enough. But watching to the third period of the match we understood that it was possible to have another outcome. It justed score a goal and the game would have ended differently. But unfortunately it was one of that matches where the puck doesn't want to get in the back of the net.

Maybe Russia lacked valid third-fourth lines?

We always had a strategy where the first two lines played an offensive style and were iced for the powerplays, while the bottom ones had to focus on defense quickly attacking from the own zone, without conceding the opponents to open up.

In the final match the starting goalkeeper Igor Bobkov from Metallurg Magnitogorsk let five in...

I wouldn't say that our defeat was caused by our goalie's play. He really played great in the quarterfinals and in the semis. Igor was busy in all the matches, 40-50 shots. In the finals the Americans finalized their chances, we didn't.

For the whole tournament team Russia was supported by fans from Novosibirsk, who were noticeable in the tribune wearing jerseys with Sibir's logo. Who were these guys?

They were guys who used to live in Novosibirsk and cheer for Sibir. They personally supported Vladimir Tarasenko and cheered after our wins. During the tournament my parents constantly called me, and through internet I could communicate with Metallurg Novokuznetsk's press attache Sergei Druzhinin, who wished best of luck to me and to the team.

Usually junior tournaments are attended by several scouts. Did you met any?

Not directly. I just saw a person working for the Vancouver Canucks. I greeted him and then I went resting in the room I shared with Ak Bars' Alexander Burmistrov.

Were you feeling the fatigue during the world championships?

Yes, a lot. Sometimes I couldn't sleep till three or four in the morning. I haven't took any sleeping pill. I only slew round trying to sleep.

The level of the organization in Fargo was different from the one in Kazan last year?

(Pause) I think it was even more interesting in Kazan. They are caring for sport not for the first year in the capital of Tatarstan, you know. And in Fargo there were bad conditions for players on the arena. The locker rooms were not the best, you could always feel humidity. There were no driers and we had to play in damp uniform.

And how did you spent your free time in America?

We had almost no free time. And we didn't have much to do in Fargo. We were sitting in the hotel, browsing the internet or watching at the NHL playoff matches on the television.

You had much attention from the local media?

It's not for me to judge, but I and Vladimir Tarasenko were asked twice for interviews. But he talked more, I was only listening (laughs)

There are many Russians in Fargo?

I met Oleg Li, former Dinamo Moscow forward, who now plays for the local team in one of the junior leagues. He was constantly with our team. It was noticeable that he was bored all alone in America.

You will go playing in America now?

I will go there, not for playing, but to do some tests at the NHL Combine. If all will be okay I will attend the draft.

Do you think you'll play again for Metallurg Nk next season?

Yes, I want to crack Metallurg's lineup in the KHL and to be part of the national junior team.

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