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Author: CSKA Press department (CSKA Official Site)
Translated By: Alessandro Seren Rosso
Date: 05/24/2009
Alexander Nikulin (Phoenix Coyotes): Dumping the puck is not for me.

2009 National Hockey League (NHL)

Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators) at the U20 WJC (Photo Source: RussianProspects Exclusive)

Most likely Alexander Nikulin (Phoenix Coyotes)ís return to the red armyís rows wasnít unexpected for experts and fans. The center admitted to be very happy to be at home again. During this interview for CSKAís press office he talked about pluses and minuses of his overseas experience and about his former line mates.

Alexander, after two seasons overseas, what impressions have you got of North American hockey?

I havenít got a definite feeling. The first season was working out well for me, and I thought that I was going to secure a spot in Ottawaís roster, but I was too sure of myself and thus I got tricked out. Now Iím more experienced and thus I can outline some conclusions: this period hasnít been spent in vain, it had its pluses and minuses, but now I am sure that my second AHL season has been not useful. I shouldnít have stayed.

Are you happy to be back at home?

Iím really happy to be back at CSKA. I missed the team and Russian hockey. Moreover, in my second AHL season, despite a good game practice, I can say that I havenít played, because you canít have fun when for a whole match you donít get a single pass that would allow you to get into the zone. I understood well that they play a completely different style of hockey.

Without any doubt you followed CSKA in the KHL.

Yeah, I always tried to know the results of the team. And I was constantly at the phone with the guys.

With whom precisely?

With Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks), Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) and Denis Kulyash (Nashville Predators).

Sergei Nemchinov plans the reunion of the line Parshin Ė Nikulin Ė Shirokov, did you miss your older team mates?

Of course! In America, I couldnít even dream about such line mates and I dreamt about them even on nights (laughs). I repeat, I really missed ďarmyĒ hockey and the times we played together.

It was your line that was playing outstanding before your departure for the NHL. Alexander, donít you fear that the chemistry has gone after two years?

Luckily they didnít taught me again how to play, even if they tried. This is why I had some troubles with the trainers in Phoenix, we couldnít find a common language. Dumping the puck Ė itís not for me! Our hockey upbringing doesnít allow it, besides, itís my temper.

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