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Author: Alessandro Seren RossoDate: 06/26/2009
Stanislav Bocharov: I love scoring

2009 Continental Hockey League (KHL)

Stanislav Bocharov in action against Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (Courtesy of Oksana Bocharova)

Just turned 18, Stanislav Bocharov is one of the finest skaters in the Russian 1991 crop, despite being left out of the Under 18 WJC team who conquered the silver medal. Playing for Ak Bars Kazan, the quick winger is awaiting the results of the draft. In this exclusive interview Stanislav talked about his career, about his way of playing, about his future and his personal life.

First steps in hockey...

Hello Stanislav. Where were you born and when you started playing ice hockey?

Hello. I was born in Khabarovsk, and I started playing hockey at five, with kids one year older than me.

What was your first team?

My first team was Amur Khabarovsk.

I guess that you picked hockey because it was the most popular sport in Khabarovsk.

In Khabarovsk bandy is also very popular. When I was five it was hard for me to pick a sport. My parents brought me to hockey as they were fans of it. After I started training I fallen in love with hockey and it will be the same for my whole life.

Can you resume quickly your career?

From 5 to 15 I played for Amur, then in June 2006 I moved to Kazan to play with Ak Bars. In the last season I was assigned to Neftyanik Almetievsk of the Russian High League, where I played 15 games.

Was it hard to go from Khabarovsk to another city? Which was the hardest thing?

It was hard to decide to go away as i never lived alone before.

A few good young Russian players around your age of birth come from Khabarovsk, like Evgeni Grachev (New York Rangers) or Georgi Berdyukov. Are you friend with them?

Of course. When we meet we talk, but it's rare. Our parents meet definitely more often. I meet Georgi Berdyukov at every tournament with the junior national team. I have the same agent of Evgeni Grachev (New York Rangers), Paul Theofanous. He keeps me updated with Evgeni's successes.

Current playing...

Can you describe a little your game?

I'm a forward and thus my task is to score points. I love scoring. If I do that, and my team wins, then I'm on the correct way.

Is there anything you try to specifically train?

I'm always working on my speed and my shoot accuracy from any angle.

What current NHL/KHL player you pattern your game after?

I try developing my own style, but I like Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers), he's always pointing the opponent crease. Who is the player from the main team who helped you more in your career?

In Khabarovsk, some trainings were run by Alexander Mogilny. He explained how to be more effective forwards. In Kazan I generally speak with youngsters, but also the veterans are explaining how to be more effective in the different situations.

You played one game with Ak Bars' main roster. What were your feelings before and after the match?

I really liked the atmosphere. Everyone wanted to win. Emotions and feelings were positive, and we won too. And I can't wait for when I'll play not one game only, but all the games of the season.

How would you describe your personality?

I like being a leader and I always try to be one.

What are your plans for this summer and for the next season?

I spent my vacations at home, took a rest with my parents at the seaside. In the next season I want to get a spot in Ak Bars’ roster.

Best moment of the season?

The Camrose tournament in Canada.

And the worse?

I was really upset when I was left out of the team for the Under 18 WJC.

How's your typical day during the season?

I spend most of the time training. When I have some free time I like to relax at my home or go out with my friends.

How many sticks did you use this year?

More than fifteen.

How is your relation with the new head coach of the Russian junior national team Plyuschev?

We have good ties.

Were you disappointed not to play in the last U18WJC?

Yes, a lot.

What do you think about the performances of Russian national team?

I think that our guys played very well.

Do you think they will draft you this summer?

I don’t know, but I do hope they will.

Personal life...

Favourite movie?

I like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, and also “Fast and Furious” movies.

Favourite book?

Books by Paulo Coelho.

Favourite dish?

I don’t have a true preference. I generally love home cooking.

Favourite NHL team?

I like some teams who play good hockey. But I couldn’t name an accurate preference.

Favourite KHL team?

Ak Bars Kazan.

And last but not the least, Stanley Cup or Olympic gold?

Any victory is valuable and requires a big effort. I dream both Stanley Cup and Olympic gold. But more than everything the Olympic gold.

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