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Author: Andrei Osadchenko ( (
Translated By: Alessandro Seren Rosso
Date: 07/02/2009
Post Draft - Igor Bobkov (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) : I'm at least three years far from the NHL

2012 National Hockey League (NHL)

Igor Bobkov stops a shot against Team Usa (Photo:

18-years-old Igor Bobkov (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) was the only Russian goalkeeper picked up in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. The Ducks of Anaheim, Ilya Bryzgalov (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)'s former team, were the most interested team. In the interview with correspondent Andrei Osadchenko Igor Bobkov (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) admitted to be able to play at the NHL level in not less than 3-4 years.

Hello Igor, why you didn't attend the draft? You didn't believe to be drafted?

I attended a camp in Finland from June 4th to 16th. I said to my agent that I wanted to attend the draft, but he said that there would be no time to get the visa. But I knew they would have drafted me, I got many calls and many people was interested in me.

In the preliminary rankings you were ranked only 10th among European goalkeepers. Don't you think these rankings were playing down your abilities?

No, it stimulated me to work harder.

Did you have any preferences?

No, I just wanted to be picked up by a team with older goalies, so that once I'll be ready there would be room for me.

Did you follow the ceremony live?

Not the first round, internet wasn't working, but I followed closely the other rounds, watching for every single pick. I especially followed goalies.

Did Anaheim called you at the draft's end?

No, they didn't. Only my agent called and congratulated.

What do you know about the Ducks? Do you often watch their matches?

I know close to zero about them. I just know that this was Ilya Bryzgalov (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)'s first NHL team and that their goalkeepers are Giguere and Hiller.

California is a sunny place. Is it a plus for you?

I was born in Surgut and there the summer is very brief, thus I'm not used to hot climates. But who knows, it might please me (smiles).

Which Russian player among the last drafted might have a better chance with the team which drafted them and why?

I think Dmitri Orlov (Washington Capitals). Washington is the "most Russian team" in this moment. I think that in the future this will help him a lot. Even before the draft I was in touch with Dmitri. I was interested in details. (smiles) And once he was chosen I congratulated him.

What do you think about your chances? Do you think that you can play in the NHL already in the next season?

I think I have no chances. It's a bit early (smiles). I consider my possibilities realistically and I think that I will be able to play in the NHL only in 3-4 years. For that time I try improving and trying to earn some experience in the minor leagues.

In what aspect of the game you think you need to work on, in order to reach the next level?

I'm intensively training my skating and my rebound control. Nowadays there is the tendency to try to play without rebounds, it would be the 70% of the team's success.

Will you attend the development camp in Anaheim?

No, I won't. There are problems with the visa.

Would you agree to play in the canadian junior leagues?

It's hard to say anything now. I've got 3 further years of contract with Metallurg Magnitogorsk and I am not thinking about leaving.

Since you played in America for the WJC under 18, what can you tell about North American hockey and their lifestyle?

I like NA hockey a lot. There are lots of fights for the puck, the play is more intense and there are more shots. You can't afford a distraction. They have a particular lifestyle, but I can adapt.

In case of transfer, what will you do to get by the linguistic barrier?

I haven't got particular problems with English language. When I was in an English-speaking country for the first time I understood pretty much everything. And if I'll get back there I think that after one or two months I won't have any problem.

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