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Author: Alessandro Seren RossoDate: 08/07/2009
The last on Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) and Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche)

2010 Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

The Shirokov/Parshin case has reached another peak after the last court decision who threatened a 1-year disqualification for the two players in case they wonít report to their alma mater club (CSKA Moscow) by 12 AM of August 12th. Of course the two players (and their agent, Sergei Paremuzov) arenít happy about this decision, and they didnít shy away from striking statements. Here follows how the persons in question reacted to the last steps in the court.

Sergei Paremuzov: ďNow Parshin and Shirokov, probably, will go to the NHL. Where else shall they go?Ē (translation from Soviet Sports)

ďI canít say that the court decision shocked or grieved me. This is simply legal manoeuvring at the highest level by [Commission judge] Mr. Saraev. Itís a pity that all my calls for a compromise have been ignored by CSKA.

I hoped to talk tete-a-tete with [CSKAís GM and head coach] Sergei Nemchinov during a pause in the session, but there wasnít one. I donít have a personal aversion for Nemchinov. We have normal ties, but in this situation he put himself on a dead end.

And now they are probably going to the NHL. Where else shall they go? But I want to believe that weíll reach an agreement at the end.Ē

Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks): ďI will go to the NHL on August 10thĒ (translation from Soviet Sport)

ďOn August 10th Iíll pack my things and leave for the NHL. I will continue my career in Vancouver, if they will disqualify me or wonít let me play hereĒ.

But where do you really want to play? In the NHL or in the KHL?

Definitely in the KHL. But if they will make me go awayÖ

Wait a bit. They still havenít expelled you. Your agent in the next couple of days will suggest to CSKA to think about a trade.

If CSKA will accept a trade Iíll remain in Russia.

And you really donít wish to remain with CSKA?

I clearly defined my position in the letter I sent them earlier (in which he stated that he wasnít going to return to CSKA Ė RP) and I wonít change idea. I wonít remain in CSKA.

For which reasons?

There isnít only one. There are many. And now I donít want to talk about this.

And in the meanwhile are you trying to remain in good shape?

Yeah, I do off-ice trainings with a physical trainer and skate with guys from the NHL.

Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche): ďWell, Iíll play in the minor leaguesĒ (translation from Soviet Sport)

ďAlas, Nemchinov didnít want to reach a compromise. During the off-season my agent talked to him. Iíve asked him to explain that if CSKA can satisfy my financial conditions, Iím ready to remain.

And Nemchinov?

He firmly said no. That was absurd: my agent started lowering the requests, but Nemchinov opposed. He only wants that sum promised on April 30th during our first Ė and only Ė meeting before the court decision. He didnít call me even once, in spite he does have my number.

Why Nemchinov doesnít consider a trade?

A trade will happen later, according to his words. But at first, he said, I should sign a contract. But after all a trade can happen also next year. Or they wonít trade at all. However, now itís possible to trade players without contract. We suggested him a number of possibilities which we saw as profitable for CSKA. Nemchinov rejected. Iím under the impression that for him itís a matter of principle.

Do you think youíll go overseas now? According to sources from Colorado, they donít wait you there.

Well, then Iíll play in the minor leagues. It might be useful to improve.

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