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Translated By: Alessandro Seren Rosso
Date: 09/02/2009
Dmitri Orlov (Washington Capitals): I should shoot more often

2010 Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

A portrait of Dmitri Orlov (Photo Source:

Metallurg Novokuznetsk's and Russian national junior team's hot prospect Dmitri Orlov (Washington Capitals), who just turned 18 on July 23rd, is already a known face in the KHL as he already conquered a number of trophies: he won gold and bronze medals in the Russian junior championships and twice he has won the silver medal with the Russian national team in the WJC under 18.

Sports Daily: How do you see yourself in the team lead by Dmitry Parkhomenko, who just started coaching at this level?

Dmitri Orlov: It's already the third year for me in Metallurg's main roster and I feel quite well. I've got some experience in the last two years, even if haven't played a lot. But under Mikhailov (former Metallurg Nk's head coach Ė RP) I played more. But I usually got the game practice with the junior national team.

SD: Many compare you to Kevin Dallman, who likes to join the rush and does that really effectively.

DO: Since my childhood I spent a lot of time training on powerplays and when I was called into the national junior team under 18, the team's head coach Vladimir Plyuschev allowed me to go forward and to spend time with the man advantage. Plyuschev, now that he's the head coach of the national junior team, keeps on telling me that I should shoot more often, being more dangerous for the opponents.

SD: Any KHL defenseman can envy the strength of your shot.

DO: I only have to find more often the empty angles. There are chances in any game, but still I haven't scored much.

SD: Four months ago in the World Junior Championships under 18 in the USA, Russia lost the final match against the tournament's hosts. What Team Russia lacked to win that match?

DO: We played at a good level throughout the whole tournament, but then in the final match we did some errors that let the Americans win that match. I wouldn't say that they won undeservedly, but while they made the most of their chances, we couldn't score a single goal.

SD: In June Washington drafted you with the 55th overall pick...

DO: Yes, I went to the draft with my parents. Being absorbed in such an atmosphere was very pleasant. People in USA and Canada really love hockey and a lot of fans attended the draft in the Molson Center, even if it was summer outside and the Canadiensí season was finished a lot earlier. After the draft I have been invited to the Capitalsí rookie camp, where Iíve played side to side with Dmitry Kugryshev (Washington Capitals). Then I became to Russia and Iíve started training with Metallurg Novokuznetsk.

SD: This season your team will fight for a playoff spot, but what aims did you set for yourself?

DO: I want to get a spot in the National junior team and go to the WJC, which will be played in December Ė January 2010.

SD: Against Canada and USA, team Russia in the last years havenít had much luck. Which are the reasons behind that?

DO: They play aggressive hockey, and they often shoot the puck in the zone. European teams play a whole different game, which hardly can cope with such style.

SD: But it would be necessary to play against Canada even in friendly tournaments. Do you agree?

DO: Yes, of course. Not much time ago in the Ivan Hlinka Memorial used to play U-17 Russian national team. Yeah, they lost badly, but so they could have seen with their own eyes their future opponents on the WJC.

SD: Itís known that you are friends with hot prospect from Sibir Novosibirsk Vladimir Tarasenko.

Yes, we played in the same unit in the last U-18 WJC and this summer we spent the vacations together in Turkey. We did enjoy the time there, we trained but we also recovered after a heavy season, we have a long year in front of us.

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