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Name: Andrei TaratukhinCalgary Flames (#41/2001 NHL Draft)

Rating: 84
Height: 183cm/6'0"
Weight: 86kg/189.2 lb
Position: Center
Shoots: Left
Born: 1983-02-22
Birthplace: Omsk, Russia

Game Worn Jerseys:
None Available
Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames): It was great! They even had fireworks! (09/10/2008)
Super League Playoff Finals - Lokomotiv vs. Salavat Yulayev 3:0 (series 1:0) - Varlamov shines for Loko with shutout (04/05/2008)
Alexander Svitov (Columbus Blue Jackets): I don't understand why refs pressure me (10/12/2007)
Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) : I wanted to remain in the NHL (10/04/2007)
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09/14/2008 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames): It was great! They even had fireworks!

Continental Hockey League (KHL) -  After the first game of the new KHL season - Ufa's game to open the chase for the new Cup, in which Russia's champion Salavat Yulayev earned a clear victory over Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, Ufa's forward Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) shared his impressions with correspondent. The first period ended up being not very successful. Maybe you were under the pressure of emotions, maybe the teams were feeling each other out. Neither we nor they had many chances, but then we adjusted for the second period and started to play how we needed to, scoring four goals. I think we played well for the last two periods. ( interview by Vladimir Bakulin translated by Eugene Belashchenko) READ MORE
04/02/2008 Russians who fled NHL disqualified from World Championships

A number of Russian players have been disqualified from participating in the World Championships because of the manner in which they left their NHL clubs by flying back to Russia without permission and consequently being disqualified. While NHL could not prevent these players from signing in Russia (due to a lack of a transfer agreement between the two leagues), the league could prevent them from participating in IIHF competition. This likely hurts the players significantly, as it is highly prestigious to skate for the national team in Russia. The list of players includes Alexei Kaigorodov (Phoenix Coyotes), Vadim Khomitski (Dallas Stars), Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames), Stanislav Chistov (Boston Bruins), Alexander Svitov (Columbus Blue Jackets), and Maxim Kondratiev (Anaheim Mighty Ducks).
12/25/2007 Round 35: Oleg Saprykin (Ottawa Senators) leads CSKA in victory

Super League -  Vladislav Evseev (Boston Bruins) continues to play strongly for his new club Vityaz, scoring his fourth goal of the season. However, this was Vityaz’s only goal and in part thanks to Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals)’s strong play, HC Lokomotiv came away with a 2:1 victory. Salavat Yulayev continued to run on all cylinders, getting goals three different lines (Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames), Alexander Perezhogin (Montreal Canadiens) and Igor Volkov (New York Islanders)’s) in 3:1 victory over HC Khimik. HC Lada surprisingly did away with stronger HC SKA, with Dmitri Vorobiev (Toronto Maple Leafs) scoring his ninth goal of the season. Oleg Sparykin piled on two tallies to lead CSKA past Avangard. READ MORE
10/28/2007 Round 19: Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) does it again
10/16/2007 Player and Goalie statistics updated through today!
10/12/2007 Round 15: Viktor Alexandrov (St. Louis Blues) continues strong
10/10/2007 Round 14: Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) back in action
10/04/2007 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames): I wanted to remain in the NHL
09/06/2007 Sutter unmoved by departure of Giordano, Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) ( article)
09/02/2007 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) reportedly signs in Russia
08/25/2007 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames): I did have an offer from Salavat Yulayev, but I dream of Calgary
07/19/2007 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) - Russian's rough ride (Canoe - Slam! Sports Article)
09/19/2006 NHL Transfer Agreement: Do Russians Have a Point? (Exclusive Analysis)
09/06/2006 Andrei Taratukhin signs two year deal with Calgary Flames
08/22/2006 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames): I won’t be too disappointed if I return to Yaroslavl (Sport Express Interview)
07/14/2006 Andrei Taratukhin will likely join the Calgary Flames
03/30/2006 Andrey Taratukhin: What a thriller that was!
02/17/2006 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) and Denis Kulyash (Nashville Predators) joining Team Russia
01/11/2006 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) might replace injured Alexei Zhamnov in Turin
09/24/2005 Zinovjev's (Boston Bruins) line leads the Super League in scoring, while Taratukhin's (Calgary Flames) comes in second!
09/01/2005 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) replaces Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings)
06/22/2005 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames) signs a two year deal with Lokomotiv
10/20/2004 Super League Tour 18: Salavat Yulaev (Ufa)
07/08/2004 Andrei Taratukhin (Calgary Flames #41/2001) signs with Salavat Yulayev (Russia 1)
12/19/2003 Calgary Flames prospect Andrei Taratukhin sent down to the Upper League
Talent Analysis:
Andrei Taratukhin will not blow you away with his average and unimpressive 6’0 and 190lb size. He does, however, more then make up for it with his other qualities. Andrei is a type of player who will not stand out with his individual feats but is an irreplaceable component that makes his partners look like super stars. He possesses excellent hockey sense and uses it well as a team player. According to a Finnish observer at the 2001 U18 World Junior Championships, he "seems to be a good (smart) team player, makes those little screens (obstructions) and "holding opponents sticks", so his teammates could take a good shot or make a move". Andrei is also an excellent passer. His determination and great work ethic should also be added to his resume. He is a kind of a player who coach’s love to have
Back In Russia:
Andrei Taratukhin has been raised in Avangard Omsk’s hockey system. He first debuted on the team’s junior farm team Avangard VDV 1998-99 season. The 1999-00 season was very successful for Andrei with Avangard VDV (16 points (10+6)), which earned him a promotion to Avangard Omsk’s main team for numerous practices and even for a single playoff game where he registered an assist. Ever since youth hockey Andrei has played with the same linemates
NHL Outlook:
Andrei Taratukhin was drafted by Calgary Flames in the 2nd round (41st overall). He at least 2 seasons away from a serious shot at the NHL. In those two seasons he will need to solidify a position on Avangard’s main lineup and learn from the valuable experience of playing in the Super League. Andrei also needs to work on his skating and his shooting in order to remain an effective threat on the next level of hockey. According to the Finnish observer from the 2001 U18 World Junior Championships, Andrei " needs to bulk up a little more and get more upper-body strength". So far Andrei’s development has gone very well in Avagard’s strong system and if all remains at the same pace, he will likely try his abilities in the NHL in 2-3 seasons.
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2008-09 Salavat Yulayev (Ufa) KHL (Reg.)56 10 21 31 58 10
2007-08 Salavat Yulayev (Ufa) Super League (Playoffs)0 0 0 0 0
2007-08 Salavat Yulayev (Ufa) Super League (Reg.)0 0 0 0 0
2005-06 Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl) Super League (Playoffs)11 2 2 4 24 -4
2005-06 Team Russia Karjala Cup (EuroTour) (Intl.)2 1 2 3 0 +1
2005-06 Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl) Super League (Reg.)40 9 15 24 85 9
2005-06 Team Russia Ceska Poistovna (EuroTour) (Intl.)3 2 1 3 6 +3
2004-05 Salavat Yulayev (Ufa) Super League (Reg.)54 7 5 12 73 -12
2003-04 Avangard Omsk VDV 1st League (Reg.)9 4 7 11 6 -
2003-04 Avangard (Omsk) Super League (Reg.)8 0 0 0 4 -
2002-03 Avangard (Omsk) Super League (Playoffs)7 1 0 1 18 -
2002-03 Avangard (Omsk) Super League (Reg.)22 0 1 1 4 -7
2002-03 U20 Team Russia U20 IIHF WJC (Juniors)6 2 6 8 8 7
2001-02 Avangard (Omsk) Spartak Cup (Preseason)2 0 0 0 0 -
2001-02 Mostovik Kuragan Upper League (Playoffs)2 0 0 0 2 -
2001-02 Mostovik Kuragan Upper League (Reg.)42 13 22 35 48 -
2001-02 Team Russia 82 4 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 1 2 3 4 2
2001-02 U20 Team Russia U20 IIHF WJC (Intl.)7 0 2 2 37 0
2000-01 Avangard VDV 1st League (Juniors)41 19 28 47 69 -
2000-01 Team Russia 82 5 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)4 1 9 10 2 9
2000-01 Team Russia 82 4 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 1 0 1 6 3
2000-01 U18 Team Russia U18 WJC IIHF (Intl.)6 2 3 5 10 6
1999-00 Team Urals Regional Tourn. (Juniors)5 3 4 7 0 -
1999-00 Avangard Jr. Regional (82-83) Tourn. (Juniors)6 3 7 10 10 -
1999-00 U18 Team Russia U18 WJC IIHF (Intl.)6 3 5 8 8 10
1999-00 Avangard (Omsk) Super League (Reg.)1 0 1 1 0 -
1998-99 Avangard VDV 1st League (Juniors)1 0 0 0 0
1998-99 Avangard (Omsk) Super League (Playoffs)1 0 0 0 0 1
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