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Name: Vladimir GorbunovNew York Islanders (#105/2000 NHL Draft)

Rating: 73
Height: 186cm/6'1"
Weight: 82kg/180.4 lb
Position: Center
Shoots: Left
Born: 1982-04-22
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Game Worn Jerseys:
2001-02 CSKA (Moscow) Away - Sold
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Player News
04/12/2006 Vladimir Gorbunov (New York Islanders) extends contract with HC MVD
08/11/2004 Blessing in disguise: Vladimir Gorbunov (New York Islanders) finds a new club
07/22/2004 Dynamo destroys it’s High League (Russia 1) farm club in a friendly match
06/05/2004 Vladimir Gorbunov (New York Islanders) signs with Super League's (Russia 1) Dynamo Moscow
05/11/2004 Vladimir Gorbunov (New York Islanders) released by CSKA Moscow
Talent Analysis:
Size & Physical Play: Vladimir stands at almost 6""1 and weights about 180 pounds. He is strong, smaller sized player who depends on an aggressive, but not dirty, style of hockey and playing in traffic to make his bread. He is good at this type of hockey, though it has caused him some grief with his smaller sized frame, as he has had to have shoulder surgery at the end of last season and only returned to the lineup in the end of October. Shot: Vladimir""s shot is about average, but isn""t anything special. The release is pretty good, and the strength and precision are about average, maybe a bit higher. Skating: Vladimir is very maneuverable, but is not very fast. His speed is average, and he depends on his lateral movement and strength to punch through traffic. Technical Skills: Vladimir is a good puckhandler. He is not a Zherdev, but can handle the puck well. He plays a solid positional game and sees the ice and plays a positionally solid game. He is always aggressive and carries the puck well up into the zone. Vladimir is not really a selfish player, but on occasion takes the puck in himself, trying to score all on his own. He is capable of making a good pass, but on occasion with his aggressiveness and quick decisions, his passes lack precision. Defense: Vladimir""s primary value is in his offense. On defense he continues playing aggressively, but doesn""t see the game as well. His smaller frame also gets him in trouble a bit when push comes to shove against bigger guys. Mental Game: Vladimir Golovin tries very hard in every game and isn""t known for taking shifts off. He follows through on plays, staying aware of the situation as it develops and after it unfolds, seeing if he needs to get back on defense or take the spot behind the net. Vladimir doesn""t panic on the ice and usually looks collected and calm. Overall: Vladimir Gobrunov is an average sized winger with a respectable array of skills. He plays aggressive hockey and doesn""t hesitate to go through traffic though it is still unclear if he can physically handle that type of hockey in the long term. His passing and speed could also use some improvement.
Back In Russia:
2002-03 Season Review: Sidelined with a shoulder injury late in the 2001-02 season, Gorbunov in late October
NHL Outlook:
A little more then two years have passed since the New York Islanders used their 105th overall pick to take Vladimir Gorbunov in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft. Thus far he has not disappointed them with putting two solid seasons together and continuously building up his game. His shoulder injury did cause Vladimir to miss the preseason and slowly work his way back onto the lineup. This season will be Vladimir""s first in the Super League and it remains to be seen if he can elevate his game to the new level. His upside in the NHL is probably a second or third line duties with limited ice time in uneven situations. He has an aggressive player and if he bulks up a bit to handle the wear and tear, he could ready for a closer look in 2004.
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2008-09 HC MVD (Tver) KHL (Reg.)56 9 16 25 54 -3
2007-08 CSKA (Moscow) Super League (Playoffs)5 1 0 1 6 -1
2007-08 CSKA (Moscow) Super League (Reg.)51 7 11 18 44 15
2006-07 HC MVD (Tver) Super League (Playoffs)3 0 1 1 12 0
2006-07 HC MVD (Tver) Super League (Reg.)52 9 7 16 14 -2
2005-06 HC MVD (Tver) Super League (Playoffs)4 2 0 2 8 0
2005-06 THK (Tver) Super League (Reg.)44 3 4 7 146 -4
2004-05 THK (Tver) High League (Playoffs)4 1 1 2 0 -1
2004-05 THK (Tver) High League (Reg.)37 4 15 19 48 +8
2003-04 CSKA (Moscow) Super League (Reg.)33 4 6 10 51 0
2003-04 CSKA (Moscow) Spartak Cup (Preseason)5 0 1 1 2 -
2002-03 CSKA Moscow 2 1st League (Juniors)8 5 6 11 10 -
2002-03 CSKA (Moscow) Super League (Reg.)35 5 5 10 46 2
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow 2 1st League (Juniors)3 1 1 2 0 -
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow Upper League (Playoffs)14 4 6 10 12 0
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow Upper League (Reg.)34 12 13 25 12 -
2000-01 HC CSKA Moscow Upper League (Reg.)43 10 14 24 63 -
1999-00 HC CSKA Moscow 2 1st League (Juniors)9 9 5 14 10 -
1999-00 HC CSKA Moscow Upper League (Reg.)40 11 7 18 32 -
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