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Name: Alexander FrolovLos Angeles Kings (#20/2000 NHL Draft)

Rating: 96
Height: 195cm/6'5"
Weight: 89kg/195.8 lb
Position: Left Wing
Shoots: Right
Born: 1982-06-19
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Game Worn Jerseys:
2005-06 Los Angeles Kings (NHL) Away - Available
2001-02 Soviet Wings (Moscow) Home - Sold
2000-01 Soviet Wings (Moscow) Home - Sold
2000-01 Soviet Wings (Moscow) Away - Sold
2004-05 Dynamo (Moscow) Home - Sold
Summer interview with Vyacheslav Voinov (Los Angeles Kings) (09/30/2009)
Alexander Frolov: Slovak Palffy doesn’t have much longer left being a champion! (April 17th, 2003)
Alexander Frolov saw Pamela Anderson in Beverly Hills (March 5th, 2003)
The Russians Are Coming Part 2: Alexander Frolov (11/15/2002)
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Player News
04/26/2007 Team Russia announces final roster
04/25/2007 Russia barely squeezes by Austria 4:3 in friendly match

World Championships -  RUSSIA - AUSTRIA - 4:3 (1:0, 1:1, 2:2).
April 24th, 2007 - Moscow

- 1:0 Schastlivyy (Kharitonov, 6.10, sh),
- 2:0 Frolov (31.32, pp),
- 2:1 Zettsinger (36.03),
- 2:2 Lukas (Kharand, 44.37),
- 2:3 Ulrikh (Zettsinger, 49.52, pp),
- 3:3 Nikulin (Zinovev, 54.45, pp),
- 4:3 Frolov (Koltsov, Kaygorodov, 58.48).
THREE STARS: Frolov, Zettsinger, Schastlivyy.
RUSSIA (16): Eremenko (Barulin, 30.14); Nikulin (2) - Proshkin, Atyushov (2) - Grebeshkov (2), Emelin - Kondratev (2), Markov - Koltsov (4); Morozov - Zinovev - Zaripov, Frolov - Kaygorodov - Ovechkin (2), Mikhnov (2) - Schastlivyy-k - Kharitonov, Kulemin - Nepryaev - Mozyakin.
AUSTRIA (18+2 Team Penalty): Brukler (Divis, 30.14); R. Lukas - Rebek, Ulrikh (2) - Unterlyuggauyr, A.Lakos - Styuart (2), Matti - F.Lakos (2); Zettsinger (2) - Kokh - Uylser, Tratting (2) - F.Lukas - K.Kharant (2), Shuller (6) - Divis - Baumgartner, Payntner - Peval - P.Kharand.
SHOTS: 23 (5, 6, 12) - 23 (6, 10, 7).
GAME NOTES: Konstantin Barulin (St. Louis Blues) put on a shaky showing for the national team, allowing all three goals against Austria. At the same time, Alexander Eremenko was quite solid and will likely backup Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) at the World Championships. Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) and Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) skated on the second line with Alexei Kaigorodov (Phoenix Coyotes) at center. Frolov scored two goals, while Ovechkin still looked a bit out of place. Interestingly, Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks) skated with Andrei Markov (Montreal Canadiens) on the second defensive pairing, which will hopefully give the young defenseman some additional experience prior to making another attempt at the NHL this summer.
08/13/2005 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) returns to the NHL with 5 year deal
07/19/2005 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) may not return to Los Angeles
06/07/2005 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) signs a lockout deal with RSL’s Avagard
06/06/2005 Web Site News: New photos added to Enver Lisin's (Phoenix Coyotes) player profile
03/05/2005 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) talks about his Dynamo debut
03/03/2005 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) returns from injury, scores goal
02/27/2005 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) breaks finger
11/01/2004 Round 23: CSKA - Metallurg Nk. & Severstal - Lokomotiv Game Notes
10/20/2004 Super League Tour 18: Molot-Prikame (Perm)
10/15/2004 Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators #122/2004) gets a chance to play with the big boys
07/14/2004 Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings) signs a deal with CSKA Moscow in case of a lockout
Talent Analysis:
At 6’4 and 195 pounds, Alexander Frolov definitely has the frame to play in the NHL. He has been labeled as one of the most natural scorers of the 2000 NHL Entry Draft (Alexander himself said: "My style, I don't know. I just score goals," ). Alexander is an excellent skater. He is very quick for his size and has great lateral movement. He is a solid finisher and skates well in traffic in front of the net to earn a scoring opportunity. Alexander is also a creative puck handler, able to rush the puck from one side of the ice to the other through a number of players. One of the biggest concerns voiced by his critics has been the lack of physical presence on the ice. Despite his solid frame, Alexander was criticized for not using his body more. Last year he assumed the role of a leader with the Soviet Wings and it was hard to question his commitment after seeing him dig in against the boards and crash the net. Alexander’s inspired performance thus far during the 2001-02 regular season in the Super League answered the question of whether Alexander can compete at a higher level of hockey. Alexander has also developed his defensive game and plays solid two way hockey. Overall he has developed into a tough two way forward with an impressive finishing touch. He has been developing nicely at the NHL level with the Los Angeles Kings.
Back In Russia:
Alexander’s primary hockey school that launched his career was Torpedo Yaroslavl, now known as Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. During the 1998-99 season he clearly showed his dominance of the First League after scoring 24 points (11+13) in just 25 games. This performance earned him a promotion to the Upper League, where he was loaned to the financially challenged Spartak Moscow. He only played one official game with Spartak, spending the rest of the time with Spartak 2 in the First League. After spending another season with Torpedo’s farm team, Alexander was once again sent to Moscow, only this time to play for the Soviet Wings. He played the entire 2000-01 season playing for the Soviet Wings and established himself as one of the team’s top snipers, scoring 39 points (20+19) and a staggering +39 during the 44 games of the regular season and another 16 (8+8) during the post season, helping the team to ascend from the Upper League into Russia’s top hockey league, the Super League. Since Alexander was one of the most essential building blocks of the Soviet Wings organization, the team resigned him for the 2001-02 season, leaving Lokomotiv Yaroslavl completely out of the picture. There has been concern of his ability to elevate his level of play from the Upper League into the Super League, but the critics have thus far been silenced with his performance. In the first 11 games of the regular season Alexander scored 7 goals and added 3 assists, good enough to place him fourth amongst Super League’s snipers.

International Competition
The Central Scouting Bureau ranked Alexander 7th amongst European players in the 2000 final rankings. Frolov backed up that high ranking with solid performances in the 2000 Junior U18 World Championships, scoring 6 points (5+1) in 6 games, helping Russia to the silver medal. Alexander also displayed his knack for scoring goals at the 5 nations tournament, scoring 3 goals in 5 games. The Hockey News stated ""Unlike many draft-eligible prospects, there's a strong consistency to [his] game...While many of his Russian teammates were erratic in terms of productions, Frolov put points on the board in both the February Five Nations tournament and the April Under 18 world tournament." Alexander Frolov was not invited to join the primary Team Russia during the 2000-01 season mainly for two reasons. First, Alexander no longer played for Torpedo Yaroslavl under the Junior National Team coach Pavel Vorobiev, who had the final say in the team’s make up and it was unclear on what terms the two individuals were with each other. Second, Alexander played for the Soviet Wings in the Upper League, not the Super League, making it that much harder to prove his abilities. In fact only Ilya Kovalchuk from the Spartak Moscow was able to make the World Junior National U20 team from the Upper League. Alexander did compete on Russia’s second team at the Big Prize tournament in St. Petersburg, where Russia won the gold. Alexander reminded why he should have been invited to Russia’s top team by collecting 5 points (2+3) in only 3 games. This year Alexander is still 19 and is already dominating the Super League. He will likely represent Russia at the World Junior Championships as well as possibly the World Championships in May.
NHL Outlook:
Alexander Frolov was selected by the LA Kings in the first round with their first pick (20th overall). The King's general manager, DaveTaylor, said "Alexander Frolov brings a little bit of everything to the table,..... He has very good size, he is a good skater and he has scoring ability when he gets in tight around the net. He also has a long reach and he sees the ice well. We really like the complete package that we see in Alexander." Compared to Eric Daze and Dave Andreichuk in his "full package" style of play, Alexander has been selected by the New York Americans of the Pacific Hockey League in the 2001 Entry Draft with their second pick (20th overall). Alexander did not cross the ocean to play for the Junior team that drafted him and continued to develop with the Soviet Wings. The transition from the First League to the Upper League last year and finally to the Super League this year has been a very effective formula that developed him as a well rounded player. Frolov signed a contract with the Los Angeles Kings in the summer of 2002 and has delivered a solid performance in his rookie season.
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2004-05 Dynamo (Moscow) Super League (Playoffs)4 1 1 2 0 +2
2004-05 Dynamo (Moscow) Super League (Reg.)6 2 1 3 2 +2
2004-05 Team Russia Sweden Games (EuroTour) (Intl.)2 1 0 1 0 -
2004-05 Team Russia Karjala Cup EuroTour (Intl.)0 0 0 0 0
2004-05 CSKA (Moscow) Super League (Reg.)42 20 17 37 10 +16
2003-04 Los Angeles Kings NHL (Reg.)27 8 11 19 6 +10
2002-03 Los Angeles Kings NHL (Reg.)79 14 17 31 34 12
2001-02 Soviet Wings Moscow Spartak Cup (Preseason)6 1 0 1 0 -
2001-02 Team Russia 82 4 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 0 0 0 0 -
2001-02 U20 Team Russia U20 WJC IIHF (Intl.)7 6 2 8 4 5
2001-02 Soviet Wings 2 1st League (Juniors)2 0 0 0 4 -
2001-02 Soviet Wings Moscow Super League (Playoffs)3 0 0 0 0 -
2001-02 Soviet Wings Moscow Super League (Reg.)39 17 12 29 18 -
2000-01 U18 Team Russia U18 WJC IIHF (Intl.)6 5 1 6 10 8
2000-01 Soviet Wings Moscow Super League (Reg.)44 20 19 39 8 39
1999-00 Torpedo Yaroslavl 2 1st League (Playoffs)11 16 0 16 20 -
1999-00 Torpedo Yaroslavl 2 1st League (Reg.)25 11 13 24 10 -
1999-00 Torpedo Yaroslavl Jr. Junior League (Reg.)6 3 8 11 12 -
1999-00 U18 Team Russia 5 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)4 3 0 3 0 3
1998-99 Spartak (Moscow) Upper League (Reg.)1 0 0 0 0 -
1998-99 Team Russia 82 4 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 2 1 3 2 -
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