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Name: Sergei Karetin (#0/2005 NHL Draft)

Height: 190cm/6'3"
Weight: 91kg/200.2 lb
Position: Defenseman
Shoots: Left
Born: 1986-01-14
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

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Player News
03/22/2004 Player profiles of Denis Parshin and Sergei Karetin (both 2004 NHL Entry Draft) added to!
Draft Rankings and Comments:
Rank 1: #19
Rank 2: #19
Rank 3: #20
Rank 4: #15
Rank 1: #19
Rank 2: #19
Rank 3: #27 Ranking Comments:Has recently returned to action after undergoing knee surgery this summer. Has not yet been able to return to last season's form. Currently skates for CSKA's junior farm club, CSKA 2.
Rank 4: #32
Talent Analysis:
Skating: One of Karetin’s key shortcomings is his skating...possesses below-average top speed and tends to be a slow all-around skater...not very balanced on his skates and tends to fall down a lot when hit...appears to be tied in with his slow decision-making. Shot: Possesses a strong slapshot and could be of help from the blueline, especially on the power play. Technical Ability: Has average hands and doesn’t tend to handle the puck much...capable of carrying the puck up the ice, but tends to pass it off quickly. Pass: not particularly creative with his passing, but technically the passes are usually sound. Hockey Sense: Does not see the ice all that well, especially in the opposition’s zone...he does understand what needs to be done in his own zone, but his decision-making tends to be at times painfully slow. Defensive Play: A positionally-sound, defensive defenseman...plays above-average in his own zone, but his lack of speed tends to hurt him significantly...used to be one of the top defenseman in Russia a couple of years back, but has lost a lot of his speed. Physical Play: The young defenseman is blessed with an imposing 6’2, 205-pound frame, but he doesn’t usually stand out with his physical play...tends to get hit a lot and rarely retaliates...tends to fall down at times when hit. Overall: A promising defenseman, who was one of the strongest in Russia a couple of seasons ago...has slowed down significantly in recent seasons, gaining extra weight and having some problems with his conditioning...while at one point a top ’86-born defenseman in CSKA’s system and on Russia’s national team, he has now been surpassed by CSKA blueliners Kiril Lyamin and Anton Belov. Remains a promising prospect, but is now more of a project and a bigger risk than he used to be.
Back In Russia:
Karetin is a product of CSKA’s hockey system. A couple of seasons ago, he was the strongest defenseman in Russia, showing a lot of promise. During the past two years, he has changed significantly. While he has never been fast, his discipline and speed have declined. As a result, he has fallen down CSKA’s depth chart. 2003-04 season: Every year, Tikhonov allowed a young defenseman to join the ranks of his club. Last year it was ’85-born Kosmachev, and this year it was originally supposed to be Karetin, but, by the start of the season, he had been surpassed by another ’86 born prospect, Kiril Lyamin. Karetin spent the entire season with CSKA’s junior farm team, CSKA 2. He did turn his season around somewhat, getting back into shape and receiving a large amount of icetime. While missing from the ranks of the U18 national squad during the earlier tournaments, Karetin did rejoin them for February’s tournament, replacing Lyamin on Russia’s top defensive pairing when his CSKA teammate suffered a bruised kidney. While not spectacular at the tournament, Karetin’s reliable performance there boosted his stock, as well as his chances of making Russia’s U18 squad. Eventually, he did make the U18 WJC roster, though in a more limited role. To find out more about Karetin’s performance at the international tournaments, please read the reviews below.

5 Nations Tournament (Feb ’04) (Grade C+): Karetin started the tournament on the fourth defensive pairing, but, after just one game, was moved up, replacing Belov on the top defensive pairing with Alexei Yemelin. He remained on the top pairing through the rest of the tournament and, while he did not look out of place, the additional ice time and responsibility definitely exposed the downsides in his game. The defensive defenseman’s skating definitely needs improvement. He was slow and at times unstable on his skates. In addition, while he did not make many bad errors, his decision making was slower than required, at times costing his team some solid opportunities. To further develop his game, Karetin also needs to play more physical hockey. He is a defensive defenseman blessed with a solid frame, which he should use more often to punish opponents, especially at the boards. While it is unlikely that Karetin will skate on the top defensive pairing at the U18 WJC, his position on the squad is most certainly assured.

NHL Outlook:
Sergei Karetin is eligible for the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. The young defenseman’s stock is nowhere near where it was a couple of years back, but he still remains a prospect with potential. A defensive defenseman with a strong slapshot, Karetin will likely be drafted in the middle rounds. He has a lot left to prove and will need to work hard to make CSKA’s roster during the fall of ’04 in order to continue his progress.
RussianProspects Draft projection: Fifth or Sixth round
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2004-05 CSKA (Moscow) 2 1st League (Reg.)32 1 4 5 63 -
2003-04 U18 Team Russia U18 WJC (Intl.)6 0 0 0 6 +2
2003-04 Team Russia 86 5 Nations Tourn 4 0 0 0 2 +6
2003-04 CSKA-2 1st League (Juniors)40 3 6 9 69 -
2003-04 Team Russia 86 4 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 0 0 0 2 5
2002-03 CSKA Moscow 86 Jr. League (Finals)7 1 2 3 10 -
2002-03 CSKA Moscow 86 Jr. League (Playoffs)14 0 4 4 0 -
2002-03 CSKA Moscow 86 Tretiak Cup (Intl.)3 0 3 3 0 -
2002-03 Team Moscow Reg. Tourn. (Intl.)5 0 1 1 4 -
2002-03 CSKA 2 1st League (Reg.)5 0 0 0 0 -
2002-03 CSKA Moscow 86 Jr. League (Reg.)18 2 5 7 2 -
2002-03 Team Russia 86 6 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 0 0 0 0 -
2001-02 CSKA Moscow 86 Jr. League (Finals)7 0 0 0 12 -
2001-02 CSKA Moscow 86 Moscow Cup (Intl.)3 0 0 0 27 -
2001-02 CSKA Moscow 86 Jr. League (Playoffs)12 2 1 3 10 -
2001-02 CSKA Moscow 86 Tretiak Cup (Intl.)5 1 3 4 18 -
2001-02 Team Moscow Reg. Tourn. (Intl.)5 0 1 1 2 -
2001-02 CSKA 2 1st League (Juniors)16 0 1 1 8 -
2001-02 CSKA Moscow 86 Jr. League (Reg.)18 2 5 7 8 -
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