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Name: Maxim ChudinovBoston Bruins (#195/2010 NHL Draft)

Rating: 81
Height: 179cm/5'10"
Weight: 82kg/180.4 lb
Position: Defenseman
Shoots: Right
Born: 1990-03-25
Birthplace: Cherepovets, Russia

Game Worn Jerseys:
None Available
Russia skates past Finland (12/29/2009)
WJC kicks off, Russia gets the first win (12/27/2009)
WJC Final Roster (12/26/2009)
Final WJC roster released (18/12/2009)
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Player News
12/27/2009 WJC kicks off, Russia gets the first win

U20 World Junior Championships -  It wasn't Russia's best possible display, but nevertheless the first win arrived. Plyuschev's team concentrated most of its performance in the first period as they scored four goals, just to control the pace of the game in the remaining two periods, finished with one goal each. Goalkeeper Igor Bobkov (Anaheim Ducks) hasn't had too much work, he ended the game with fourteen saves. Evgeny Kuznetsov was the best player on ice as he scored two goals. Kirill Petrov (New York Islanders), Vladimir Tarasenko, Maxim Chudinov and Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) each added one goal, while Nikita Filatov (Columbus Blue Jackets) has been left out of the scoresheet ( exclusive game report by Alessandro Seren Rosso) READ MORE
11/03/2009 Nikolai Kazakovtsev, Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) and Maxim Chudinov don't make the cut, Kirill Petrov (New York Islanders) in

U20 Four Nations Tournament (Russia) -  As announced today by the FHR, Nikolai Kazakovtsev, Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) and Maxim Chudinov didn't make the cut for the 4 nations tournament roster to be played in St. Petesrburg, Russia, this weekend. Kazakovtsev has been sidelined by an injury, while Trunev and Chudinov has been taken out after advice by Severstal's doctors. Forwards Kirill Petrov (New York Islanders) and Evgeny Timkin have been called as subs.
10/11/2009 Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) scores, Severstal Cherepovets beats Ak Bars Kazan

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) -  In the 10/08 game between Severstal Cherepovets, Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) scored the 3-0 goal as the home team get the best of the KHL reigning champions with a 3-1 final score. The game's first goal has been scored by defenseman's Mikhail Kuklev, while at the thirty-second minute the mysteriously undrafted Maxim Chudinov got in front of the goal with great timing to one-time in a superb pass by Sergei Soin (Nashville Predators) behind the crease defended by Stanislav Galimov . One minute later Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) went one-on-one with Evgeny Medvedev dribbling past him and getting into the zone. His first attempt has been rejected by Galimov, but then he got the puck back with his glove, adjusted it on the ice and shot it past Galimov while falling on the surface because of the heavy speed of his movement. This was Trunev's first goal of the season. A couple of minutes later Alexei Badyukov scored for the guests, but it was too late and Severstal got 3 well deserved points.
09/07/2009 Russia gets the third place
08/26/2009 U20 roster released
06/11/2009 Top 10 Russia prospects for 2009
04/19/2009 Tyumen: Team Russia in the finals
04/15/2009 Tyumen Region Cup about to start
03/11/2009 Detailed commentary added to 2009 NHL Entry draft prospect rank
01/10/2009 Web Site News: 2009 Draft: Stanislav Bocharov profile created, Pavel Chernov and Maxim Chudinov updated
12/31/2008 WJC 2009: Russia wins third consecutive match
06/06/2008 Maxim Chudinov (2008 NHL Entry Draft)'s player profile has been updated
04/08/2008 U18 Team Russia roster announced: Leader - Nikita Filatov
01/29/2008 Team Russia coaching staff announces U18 roster for Finland
06/24/2007 Russia announces preliminary U20 roster 1972 anniversary tournament
Scouting Evaluations:
Russia skates past Finland
WJC kicks off, Russia gets the first win
Round 46: Viktor Tikhonov (Phoenix Coyotes) shines (Severstal - Lokomotiv detailed scouting analysis)
Bronze Medal Game: Russia crashes USA and grabs the third place
2008 WJC semifinals: Russia surrenders to Sweden
2008 WJC semifinals: Russia surrenders to Sweden
Russia tops Czech Republic and gets into the semi-finals
2008 WJC: Russia tops Swiss in an opaque performance with a thrilling final
2008 WJC: Russia edges Finland 7-4 in WJC opener
Draft Rankings and Comments:
Rank 1: #6
Rank 2: #6
Rank 1: #2
Rank 2: #3 Ranking Comments:A hard-hitting defensive defenseman who was surprisingly overlooked at the last year's selections. In the last WJC he displayed a good offensive game that has raised his stock. He has good experience for a European player of his age.
Talent Analysis:

Scout 1: While not ranked very high, I like this young defenseman for his physical play and his heart… he plays wearing it on the sleeve though sometimes he crosses the line of discipline…his main downside is his lack of size and the question regarding his ability to adopt his style to the more gritty and physical North American style of hockey…Chudinov is reliable in his own end of the ice, though sometimes he can be caught out of position when he gets overly involved in physical play…offensively, Chudinov is capable of carrying the puck up the ice and join in on the rush…he can also shoot the puck and not only from the blue line but can also come in and use his nice wrist shot to score form closer in, though he rarely does this…despite his ability to score, Chudinov more often tries to pass the puck and is actually pretty good at it, while not a passing specialist, he can impress with a creative feed, though I would call his passing ability above average but not great…Overall, Chudinov is an undersized defenseman with an impressive offensive upside, physical edge and proficiency in the defensive zone.

2008/09 update:Chudinov has made some very good step forwards in the last season and now he plays a more mature game, less aggressive but in a positive way...he has improved his skating, adding a bit of speed and acceleration that makes him more competitive and reliable...he still has to work a bit on his positioning and game-reading, but he has all the tools to become an impact player...
Back In Russia:

Maxim Chudinov has primarily grown up in the HC Severstal hockey school in the Russian industrial city of Cherepovets known for steel processing facilities. The young defenseman excelled within his age group, primarily known for his mobility and aggressiveness, as well as his offensive ability. He made his debut on the club’s junior far team Severstal 2 during the 2005-06 season, but solidified his position as one of the top up and coming blue liners in the system the following season, when he even got a chance to skate for HC Severstal in the Super League, albeit only for a couple of games during the 2006-07 season. During the following 2007-08 campaign he further built on his success, spending more time with the professional team, though still remaining in a limited role. Beyond competition within Russia, Chudinov also has been a long time member of Team Russia, skating for the 1990 born team on many occasions. Considering his style of play and maturity level, the young blueliner has also not been a stranger to skating on teams from older age groups, including one tournament on an 89 born team and finally his solid performance on the U20 1988 born squad at the Canada-Russia Super Series and at the U20 World Junior Championships. At the Super Series he was one of the few players who impressed, despite the unfortunate late hit incident, with their competitive spirit and aggressive lively play.

The 2008-09 season is seeing him making good strides forward. In his third season with the main lineup he is now a regular dressed player even if he spent short stints with HC Severstal's junior farm team. He has played a very good WJC with five assists in seven games, but most importantly his progressions has been evident in all game's areas.
NHL Outlook:

Maxim Chudinov brings aggressiveness, offensive upside and an interesting overall skilled package to draft. While he remains one of the top blueliners available out of Russia, he will likely suffer the same draft fate as Denis Ezhov of being drafted later in the rounds because of his perceived lack of long-term upside. While Ezhov’s critics were at first proven true, his latest resurgence combined with the lack of trade agreement between Russia and the NHL may still mean that Buffalo has come away with a diamond in a rough with this pick. As far as Chudinov, while he in some ways resembles Ezhov as a universal defenseman who lacks size, Chudinov stands out better with his skating, willingness to mix it up and finally his offensive upside. These traits may help him rise a little higher in the draft, but he will likely still be marginal third or fourth round selection unless some team really fell in love with him and will take him out of the perceived order. In our opinion he is worth a second round pick when considering his potential and even more importantly when considering his heart and dedication to the game.
RP Draft Projection: third or fourth round (though worth a second round selection)

Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2009-10 U20 Team Russia (90) U20 WJC (Intl.)6 2 2 4 6 +2
2009-10 U20 Team Russia (90) U 20 Four Nations (Finland) (Intl.)3 0 1 1 4 +3
2008-09 U20 Team Russia (90) Tyumen Region Cup (Intl.)4 0 2 2 6 +1
2008-09 U20 Team Russia (89) U20 WJC (Intl.)7 0 5 5 6 +4
2008-09 Severstal (Cherepovets) KHL (Reg.)26 0 0 0 14 -6
2007-08 Severstal (Cherpovets) Super League (Russia 1) (Playoffs)1 0 0 0 0 0
2007-08 Severstal (Cherpovets) Super League (Russia 1) (Reg.)18 0 0 0 10 -3
2007-08 U20 Team Russia (88) Canada Russia Super Series (Intl.)4 1 0 1 8 -1
2007-08 U18 Team Russia (90) U18 World Junior Championships (Intl.)6 1 4 5 27 +5
2007-08 U18 Team Russia (90) Invitational World Cup (Canada) (Intl.)4 0 5 5 10 -
2007-08 U18 Team Russia (90) Ivan Hlinka Mem. Tourn. (Intl.)4 1 0 1 10 +3
2007-08 U18 Team Russia 5 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)4 0 0 0 6 +2
2007-08 U20 Team Russia (88) U20 World Junior Championships (Reg.)7 0 1 1 0 +4
2006-07 Severstal (Cherpovets) 1990 Jr. League (Finals)0 0 0 0 0 -
2006-07 Team NorthWest 1990 Regional Tourn. (Intl.)5 0 2 2 12 +1
2006-07 Severstal (Cherpovets) Super League (Russia 1) (Reg.)2 0 0 0 0 0
2006-07 Severstal (Cherpovets) 2 1st League (Russia 3) (Reg.)0 0 0 0 0
2006-07 U17 Team Russia (90) U17 Jr. Olympics (Spain) (Intl.)3 2 2 4 4 +7
2006-07 U17 Team Russia (90) 5 Nations Tourn. (Tyumen) (Intl.)3 0 2 2 4 +1
2006-07 U17 Team Russia (90) U17 Intl. Tourn. (USA) (Intl.)4 2 4 6 4 -
2006-07 U18 Team Russia (89) Intl. Tourn. (Intl.)7 2 2 4 8 0
2005-06 Severstal (Cherpovets) 1990 Jr. League (Finals)7 2 8 10 12
2005-06 Severstal (Cherpovets) 2 1st League (Russia 3) (Reg.)0 0 0 0 0
2004-05 Team NorthWest 1990 Regional Tourn. (Intl.)0 0 0 0 0
2003-04 Severstal (Cherpovets) 1990 Jr. League (Finals)6 0 1 1 6
2003-04 Severstal (Cherpovets) 1990 Jr. League (Finals)5 6 2 8 4 -
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