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Name: Ivan KhomutovNew Jersey Devils (#93/2003 NHL Draft)

Rating: 75
Height: 192cm/6'4"
Weight: 91kg/200.2 lb
Position: Center
Shoots: Left
Born: 1985-04-11
Birthplace: Saratov, Russia

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Player News
12/10/2004 From Russia with yearning - Ivan Khomutov (New Jersey Devils) article
09/16/2004 Anton Kadeykin, Aleksander Suglobov and Ivan Khomutov assigned by New Jersey Devils to the AHL’s Albany River Rats
03/03/2004 Ivan Khomutov (New Jersey Devils) article:
02/28/2004 On the way to recovery: Ivan Khomutov: (NJ Devils) returns to the London Knights from broken arm
11/01/2003 New Jersey Devils prospect Ivan Khomutov broke his arm.
Scouting Evaluations:
Shirokov and Parshin shine in CSKA's big victory against Atlant
Talent Analysis:
Size & Physical Play: Ivan Khomutov an impressive sized forward. Though Ivan appears to be a natural center, at times, especially at several international tournaments and lately with Elemash, he is fielded on the wing. He has an imposing frame of almost 6’3 and around 200 pounds. He is learning how to use his frame, and tends to be aggressive in fights next to the boards, though he usually avoids much contact in the open ice. He also tends to use his body to break through opposition’s defenses. Shot: Ivan has a solid shot. It is strong and precise. He also doesn’t get much ice time thus far this year, so he can’t showcase it that often, but it is very dangerous. Skating: Ivan possesses above average speed on his skates. Khomutov’s skating lacks some of the flare that will likely come along when he becomes more balanced in his large frame and perfects his decking of opponents. His lateral movement is average, though still decent, considering his size. Technical Skills: Technically, Ivan is an average player. He tends to use aggressive tactics and his sizable frame rather then finesse. However, He is a solid puck handler and can make some nice moves. When he first came to Elektrostal this year, Ivan had trouble adjusting to the new system and seemed slower physically and mentally. He has improved mentally in his decision making and his physical speed came along with his quicker decisions. Ivan can make good decisions with the puck when he has it and is starting to see the ice very well, finding his line mates. He has soft hands and can make a great pass, once he gets comfortable with his line mates and the system. He seems to enjoy combination hockey and setting up his line mates and tends to pass the puck often. Defense: Ivan is a natural center and with the role comes the defensive responsibility of a center, a.k.a., third defender on the ice. Ivan fights hard for the puck next to the boards and makes a solid defensive effort. Despite the effort, though, his defensive capabilities are only average. He seems to be able to intercept a pass here or there, but Ivan hesitates to use his body in the open ice, trying to play the puck, not the body. Overall: Ivan is a solid player who is gifted with great size. His was not born with great raw skills, but he has been improving significantly over the past year. Ivan’s main strengths are his shot, aggressiveness and the emerging passing ability. Ivan does need to become comfortable with his size and improve technically and his defensive play.
Back In Russia:
Ivan started to play hockey in Dynamo Moscow’s hockey school. After the 2000-01 season, he transferred from Dynamo to Viktor Tikhonov’s HC CSKA. He spent most of the 2001-02 season playing with HC CSKA’s junior farm team, HC CSKA 2. He played well there, but his numbers weren’t that impressive considering that the some players average about goal per game. He was, however, a 16 year old at times playing with older players like Vladislav Evseev and Alexander Polushin, so his point total also reflects the fact that he initially got third line level of ice time. He also spent part of the season playing for HC CSKA’s ’85 squad and with his large frame, he dominated his own age group. Ivan made significant headway during the season, and towards the end he skated on HC CSKA’s main lineup, though he did not get much ice time, he did get the valuable experience of practicing with the senior squad. Fotunately for the team, but unfortunately for Ivan, at the end of the 2001-02 season HC CSKA earned a promotion to the Super League. The next natural step for Ivan was to earn a promotion to Russia’s secondary professional league, the Upper League. Now that HC CSKA was in the Super League, he could not make the team out of training camp and started the 2002-03 with the CSKA 2, and was then shortly loaned to Elemash Elektrostal for the remainder of the season. Ivan’s main problem right now is ice time. It seems that things were stabilizing for Ivan, but after getting serious ice time for several games, Ivan’s role on the team declined and his ice time was reduced to somewhere around five minutes per game. He will likely remain with Elemash for the remainder of the season, and hopefully his role will increase as the season continues.

With his size and current level of skill, Ivan effectively competes in his age group. His size makes his a natural top two line center on the ’85 team. Ice time has not been a problem thus far with the ’85 national team, and this arena may become his best chance to showcase his skills to the scouts.
NHL Outlook:
At one pointed touted to be a first round choice, due to a mediocre season, Ivan Khomutov slipped to the third round, where he was selected by the New Jersey Devils with the 93rd overall pick. A week later, the OHL's London Knights drafted Khomutov in the CHL Import Draft. Considering that there isn't much room for the talented forward in CSKA's system, he will likely spend the upcoming season in Canada.

Ivan has the size and the attitude to be a solid NHLer. His aggresiveness, hockey sense, passing ability and shot can make him a top two line center and a power play asset, but he needs to think a bit quicker and feel comfortable in unfamiliar territory in order for that to happen. Ivan’s current skill level is solid and it appears that he is not falling into the trap of dominating his age group early on due to size and then eventually seeing his peers catch up to him and eventually falling behind. He is gaining ground in Elektrostal, and appears to have become comfortable with the team’s system and will likely see solid ice time for most of the 2002-03 season. Currently, he has a great offensive upside and should perform well in international tournaments.
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2008-09 CSKA (Moscow) KHL (Reg.)46 9 8 17 32 5
2004-05 Albany River Rats AHL (Reg.)30 2 6 8 22 -13
2003-04 London Knights OHL (Juniors)13 3 9 12 19 +3
2002-03 Team Russia 85 5 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)4 3 3 6 2 4
2002-03 Elemash Elektrostal Upper League (Reg.)20 1 1 2 8 -6
2001-02 Team Russia 85 4 Nations Tourn. (Intl.)3 0 0 0 2 -
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow 85 Junior League (Playoffs)10 6 4 10 8 -
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow 85 Junior League (Reg.)14 9 6 15 16 -
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow 85 Moscow Cup (Juniors)4 5 5 10 6 -
2001-02 HC CSKA Moscow 2 1st League (Juniors)31 11 8 19 16 -
2001-02 Team Moscow 85 Regional Tourn. (Juniors)4 5 1 6 4 -
2000-01 Dynamo Moscow 84 Junior League (Playoffs)5 2 4 6 4 -
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